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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Best Job article in The Guardian

Cannes away from the beach

Freddie and the pride of Sapient Nitro lions

Remember the teams back home

I had a long chat last night after the awards ceremony about not all creative teams win awards. I have worked in a few agencies where awarded teams are shuffled to the top of the pecking order and others are over looked or pushed out because they don't win awards.

I think this is a stupid way to think of your creative talent. Not everyone needs to win awards, yes it's great to win and get the metal but its the 80% of the hard work on the not so glamorous accounts that pays for the 20% to go to Cannes and win the awards. Teams that work on well paying, effective campaigns should be remembered and share in those awards back at the agency. They should also be invited to Cannes to celebrate the year after as well.

So when you get back with your Lion don't stick it in a box or shelf in your room. Place it in reception for all to share and see, with out the bread winners there would be no Cannes at all.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

best job in world clearing up

Congratulations to Nitro on a great clutch at Cannes.
I can see this picking up media and Titanium GP as well. Maybe the BBC will make a documentary of the documentary of the campaign.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Zumpthor Architour

Im Feld
CH-7306 Fläsch

Seilerbahnweg 17
7000 Chur

Das gelbe haus by valerio olgiati.
Via Nova 37
7017 Flims

Chapel by zumthor
Caplutta Sogn Benedetg

How to get there? Take the car to Sumvitg in the canton of Graubünden. In this village is one road up to San Benedigt (different ways to write). It's about a km tough climbing for the car. In San Benedigt it is easy to find your way to the church.

Barn house by zumthor
7104 Versam

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Highline is OPEN

after a very long wait the highline is now open all be it a small section of the intended plan. If you go to NY you must see this.

waitrose essentials campaign

really like the simplicity of this Waitrose campaign. I noticed it the other day when I looked at my orange carton and then bottle of milk in the fridge. The illustrations are really 70s in feel and basic but work.

The digital posters and billboards just show lots of these simple items to communicate a strong range for essentials and reasonable prices. Good example of product to advertising working together.

boone oakley