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Wednesday, June 01, 2011

how to write a recipe

In commercial NYC pizzeria we did 24 hours , but emergencies a minimum of 8 hours. In home I try for about the same. make it knead it , rest 10-20 mins fast knead, cut oil, fridge min 8 hours, keeps about 4 or so days.
take out of fridge, do not warm the dough, make a disc with a rim and lump in center working outwards, kinda like a priest/bishops hat. On a slab if you can. Oven on 550 degrees, stones if you got'em. use firebricks cheaper then a baking stone and thicker then a terracotta tile system, but they are good as well. At 550 degrees a Neoploitan comes out in 8 mins or less., that is the way it was done in the pizzerria and the way I eventually made it at home. Also "sauce" is not cooked, it is ground termater with herbs, cold on pie. Mozzerella is grated in morning put on a tray and fridged, which dries it out a bit.