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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Generation AD (Attention Deficit)

Facebook and Bebo risk
infantilising' the human mind

Greenfield warns social networking sites are changing children's brains, resulting in selfish and attention deficient young people

Patrick Wintour, political editor, Tuesday 24 February 2009 10.52 GMT

This rings true, interestingly so for social networks. Most people's aim is to boast about the quantity of friends like its a race to the end. I feel there was a difference on IM back a few years where you were honored to be on the buddy list and those IM chats could last for hours.

Facebook feels like your at one big long boring dinner party that never ends and everyone's bragging about going Skiing, City breaking or eating shit. They can't even be bothered to talk directly to you so you just get a status update, but it's pretty much rattling the stick in the swill bucket as Wells called it.

I'm sure we will see the rise of social network detox counsillors coming to save the day. Maybe they can just add it as an app.