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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

fixing display ads

With the NY AdAge conf due in October, discussion is hotting up around display adverts.

I think display ads have to do the following:-
stop measuring click throughs, it's like checking how many people go straight from the TV set to the shop, the world doesn't work like that. Users online are exposed to many adverts and ignore most and take notice of some. That's the fact that brands need to face up to. Quality exposure time is the key part of the campaign. Unfortunately that means asking people their opinions, how ever old fashioned that may seem. Read more

what would she do?

Thursday, September 03, 2009

library book - 2008

Hand collated book by Dexter Sinister and Duncan Hamilton. Using a Riso RP3700 printer. "The resulting loosely collated book was handed out to the attendees at a conference about contemporary art book publishing at the Museum of Modern art in NYC." Duncan Hamilton Uses of Literature.


The always good, if sometimes long winded DotDotDot, by Dexter Sinister (Stuart Bailey). No. 18 out now.