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Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Coca-Cola - Coke Zero Banners

Developed in conjunction with Coke's Zero campaign.

NY Times Select Banners

A series of Pointroll banners developed for the launch of the NY Times’
Select product to the Hispanic Marketplace

HP Workstation Rich Media Banners

HP Workstation Flash Banners

TB 4M FoodSquare + Bullrito Rich Media Banners

LSS Special K Rich Media

HP Speed M527 Rich Media Banners

Virgin Mobile Penny Animated GIF Banners

Sunday, October 01, 2006


Em this is from Cath and me on NY. Links to websites are in blue, New York site is useful for latest reviews and details


This is a cool bar where they filmed a sex in city scene. Brasserie 100 E 53rd St 10022 TEL. 212 751 4840
they do good food as well. Look out for the tv screens above the bar that show you coming in 15-20mins after you arrive.
Boiled eggs on the bar are free and the cocktails are strong!

Eat out

We had real trouble finding good old american dinners last time, a lot of them are closing down for coffee bars yuck! Just look in timeout guide to NY or see where people go in mornings find old ones that serve steak and eggs, hash browns and coffee.
Dont go to Veselkas its shite! Theres a good one that had neon lights and stainless steel tables and walls at 34th and 9th or could 8th. Its on the corner.

This is suppose to be good french bistro and landmark 80s place
Balthazar - Soho - New York Magazine Restaurant Guide

Keith McNally's Paris bistro-inspired masterpiece. See the review of this Bistro restaurant at 80 Spring St. in Manhattan.

This is Anthony Boudain's (kitchen confidential book) place its really good french but very amercian local, not lots of tourists. Portions are massive so maybe skip starters or share one. Buy Californian wine its cheaper and better than the french ones.
Les Halles Downtown New York

Voted the Best French Brasserie, by readers of Time Out New York, Brasserie Les Halles opened Les Halles Downtown in the financial district at 15 John ...

Indian really good. 49 W 56th St NY 10019. 212 957 1818. Good to have horse cart ride in Central Park then go for dinner, or there is always tavern on the green very cheers!

Sat night. Classic old soulful house music and disco, legend Timmy Regisford and Quentin Harris plays here
Club Shelter on Clubplanet New York | 150 Varick Street, New York ...

New York, NY 10013

Apartments and hotels ok apartmments but expensive for the standard. Best getting cheap hotel deal some where in mid town.

Hart Parker have cheap apartments and are clean and most are central. HART PARKER AGENCY. 311 EAST 54th St 10022. TEL. 212 752 7418.

Paramount is nice and here is a link for it;jsid=jnqra91WJ-7e59G59Sf4q

Jazz and art

One of the things ive found with going to NY is that sometimes you fill up your day so much that you forget to go out at night, so it pays to book a jazz club, restaurant or go to a good bar. A good jazz club is a classic NY night out.

Tribeca Performing Arts Center
199 Chambers Street, New York, NY 10007 between Greenwich St. and the West Side Hwy. 212-220-1460

131 West 3rd St. New York, NY 10012 212-475-8592

Birdland Restaurant

315 W 44th St New York, NY 10036
(212) 581-3080 (212) 956-7130

They have also been doing lots events liek live broadcast in times square, anthony minghellas butteryfly is on!

Site seeing / Shopping

if you want to see empire state, moma, guggenhiem, and other sites get a city pass as it can be cheaper.

If you go down by World Trade opp is Century 21 which has loads of cheap designer labels for socks, pants and jeans lots of knick knack things for xmas shopping. Its also open on sunday if you go then.

after that you can do Staten island ferry, it's free or cheap so get it to go past statue of liberty or if over cast probably not worth it.

Canal street is good for jeans trainers and crappy handbags.

Little Italy and China town are great, get some pasta in one of the small trattorias.

J&R tobaco old skool cigar shop with huge safe in basement, the cleaners smoke cigars while they work. You can try cigars as well. 11 E 45th St bt 5th and madison

have a good look around soho its got loads of galleries and designer shops.