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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

GJT giant animatronic for the NFL wembley game

the girl puppet I post earlier is similar technology, and more elegantly executed. Who ever booked the annoying twat to commentate on this should be sacked, how to ruin an amazing spectacle, stick a radio presenter with a mic in the crowd, that'll do it. 

Other video

Guinness tipping

 bloggers are going loco for the tipping campaign. ncfriend is working fast on cracking this. Read more.
ARGs seem to be loving it. (Alternate Reality Gaming)

levitation with sound waves

first we had techno, drum and bass, then gabber and now nose bleed noise which levitates stuff. Reach for the laser.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

vice mag launches internet TV channel

vice mag has launched its own internet tv station with lots of channels to watch, music, fashion, art and others.

Spike Jonze is the new Creative Director so I expect the articles and content will be challenging such as this one which is about lesbian punk poetry in New York.

vibe tv

Sunday, October 21, 2007

richard wilson liverpool intervention

I've seen this before by Richard Wilson with a scheme for Hastings, but it never ceases to amaze me. The craft and accuracy is so deft.
Lot's of concerned from Merseyside but the amount of publicity it has generated is a good thing.
I hate that 'oh it cost a million pounds' argument its the equivalent to my dads bigger than yours.

More videos here
Richard Wilson at the Tate
Further links

Friday, October 19, 2007

Facebook over hype or the next google.

So are Facebook and its graph really worth many billions? From an advertiser's point of view, says Rishad Tobaccowala, the boss of Denuo, the new-media unit of Publicis Groupe, an advertising company, Facebook is so far anything but the new Google.

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sandstorm in iraq

posted by

Thursday, October 18, 2007


music by moods.

bima shortlist for best microsite 2007

Guinness Hands gets shortlisted at bima for best microsite and at LIA for best digital media for alcoholic beverages. 

What really amazes me is how Guinness Hands has just grown and grown over this year. This search stat by google is mind boogling. Out of 262,000,000 search results for hands, guinness hands site is the 6th link.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

caveman viral

chabal is a one man mountain of viral, mostly because of his tackle of the tournament, against the all blacks. They just can't get enough of the woodchopping Sale Shark icon.

giant puppet

Thursday, October 11, 2007

greyworld, well not quite, sound collective

Having worked with greyworld before it's good to see them doing so well. A sound installation artists collective that create audio landscapes in some of the underused and forgotten spaces.

They produced a sound installation in a tunnel at Glastonbury 2000. The year badly drawn boy was on at the new band tent. The tunnel linked the main field site to the Greenpeace field, when people walked through their steps created an audio scape. The tunnel use to be a no go area at night, and they turned it into a place where 2000 people and hour were going through and hanging out there.

Above is one of my favourite projects they have done railings. Each railing was tuned so that when you run a stick along it they played The Girl from Ipanema. The work is subtle but very playful, it makes a grey world that bit brighter.


flotsam point cloud buildings

great interactive building project by students from the Architectural Association in London.

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choice fm guncrime campaign

hard hitting film from choice fm in London to raise awareness of gun crime in the UK.

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scrabulous takes off

As people tire of waiting for their friends to respond on facebook they are spending more dwell time on the main site. Traffic is starting too take off and against google search, scrabble and crossword it is on the chart at last. Great example of an old game reinvented online.

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Doris Salcedo intervenes at the tate modern london

New turbine hall installation or what they are now calling intervention. Amazing Columbian artist.

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death waltz score

stumble crack

I've avoided and been too busy to spend time using stumble and I can see why. It's like that feeling when you lost in a city and you say 'I'm sure it's some where near here, probably just around the corner'. They deal you up some cracking first deals and then your hooked on mediocre flash sites and blogs for good.

I'm rationing usage to 5 mins a day, as when your lost somewhere, if you haven't found where you're going by then you probably never will. ffffound is better to use as it's a quick and visual way to see what has been book marked, but I guess that ruins the surprise of it all.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

charlie brooker's 10 biggest cocks/she cocks in ads

and for the old one watch here

charlie brooker

your last fm listening

ffffound is eeeexcellent

great find by

Doris Salcedo intervenes in the tate modern

Doris Salcedo has cut a trench into the turbine hall. Following on from her chair installation in Istanbul biennale which was left for 53 hrs the length of a Supreme Court Siege in Columbia. Highly influenced by Joseph Beuys mix of well choosen materials and political messages.

playmobil online games

playmobil have their online games just right. Lego's site in comparison seems over complicated and no direct route into the online games section. playmobil balance the right amount of strategy and product related content.

inrainbows released today

radiohead are first to offer a head on challenge to the monopoly of itunes. NIN follow up by dumping their record label and going Digital Solo. Wired are concerned over traffic to site, .

Ill let you know what I think of the music when I get the file open.

Radioheads scrapbook

Thursday, October 04, 2007

bravia bunny ad

i like it but for all the wrong reasons. i think the people being left in makes it feel stop frame(which it is) and also gives you the sense of scale. The jumpy feel is good.

The only problem is that balls can't be topped because it was just so simple, dump a load of balls from a JCB digger and film. Adding complexity to the idea isn't making it any better. I don't like the way the bunnies are processed into boring cubes at the end to represent pixels and the music is crap. Apart from that it's great animation and filming.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007 takes off

I read an article about old games taking off again but online, this is scrabble online. I would have thought hasbro would have led the charge and put an online version out there first. Anyway this site scrabulous is starting to get some serious traffic.