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Thursday, May 31, 2007


index exhibit great for the lazy designer out there that cant be bothered with dreamweaver and html. html is easy enough but when you can get shareware to do it in half the time why not.

Friday, May 25, 2007

D&AD awards

D&AD should take some of their own advice for the creative industry and redesign their website. It is such a bad user experience and really dry to look at. Also surely they could have a simple admin tool on their CMS to update the winners there and then on the site. Come on D&AD join the worldwidewebthingymabob.

Fidgt should get a black pencil next year for interactive design surely.

Thanks for the miniture bottle of Stoli it's helping my hang over from last night no end.

mr t treats his mother right

guinness hands

Guinness Hands goes viral. This is one of the great remakes out there. It's really good to see people taking so much time and effort to make their remixes of the film by Micheal Schlingmann.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007


my magnetic tag test for website. not fidgt related.

one way and it's follow the leader.
fidgt seems to be enabling new ways of navigating and connecting users. it reminds me of a concept I developed on a site based around magnetic tagging last year. the idea being that the site built a profile of your preferences on content and as you entered the site content and users would be attracted to your presence. A bit like debris floating in orbit as the client said.

The larger discussion is that content providers especially news sites need to push this to a new way of digesting content. Diagramatic and abstract ways of navigating information is surely the way forward. There was a alt. internet browser back in 1997 that looked very similar although much more basic, it used circles and connecting lines to show links from web sites all in a beautiful interface. Can't remember what it was called, if you know post it for me.

power point fluff

I hate ppt as much as the next person, it's good at picture slide shows but that's it. Tufte argues that ppt degrades information to a confusing bullet point mess. I have to agree after years of reading strategy, campaign and internal marketing documents I find these things the most annoying;

The 'only people that work in this silo can understand this acronym' use a word that descibes it instead nobbers.

Bullet points, absolutly worthless. The equivilent of producing endless lists that lead no where. Bullet points are just nasty, don't get me started on bullets in copy in books. If you have somthing to say just say it, adding a dot adds nothing.

People are afraid to make ppt copy complicated. Why not use a desktop publishing package and make a pdf file which can be zoomed in and out of, thus enabling lots of detail. This chart produced by the BBC is just amazing, ppt just cant do this level of detail. bbc.

"Alas, slideware often reduces the analytical quality of presentations. In particular, the popular PowerPoint templates (ready-made designs) usually weaken verbal and spatial reasoning, and almost always corrupt statistical analysis."
Edward R Tufte.

And for those that do struggle with acronyms, this site is always handy.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Pirelli stink up with Thurman and Bigelow

the crack monkeys are clearly back in control on this one. Only last week I was thinking why don't agencies make films, after all most art directors are frustrated film dirtecors anyway. I was thinking subtle sponsorhip of great short films and serialised programmes online, then I wake up to this night mare from Pirelli.
How the mighty have fallen, Thurman should know better and Bigelow after Strange Days and Point Break how could she. This film is so shit I can't find words to describe it. The title sums it up 'Mission Zero'. Filmvert gone awol.

Friday, May 18, 2007

sipke visser

Clare T posted this, amazing quiet intimate images by Sipke Visser.


Great layout and categories. Great site for breath of view on furniture, graphics and beyond design. Love the simple html email newsletters they send with 10 things clearly laid out. Reminds me of m/m paris site just using pure simple html as an aesthetic.

Steven Holl

MIT Cambridge Student accomodation block.

nelson-atkins museum of art

designboom say-

the light-filled nelson-atkins museum of art in kansas city, USAis to open its doors on the 9th of june, 2007. designed by steven hollarchitects, the new bloch building is the centerpiece of transformation of the entire institution, which includes major renovations to the original building, a restoration of the sculpture park and a complete reinstallation of the permanent galleries, drawing from the more than 34,500 works in its encyclopedic collection. the new expansion increases the museums space by more than 70 percent and features five distinct levels of expansive, light-filled galleries. read more


Where are all the graphic design blogs

where indeed. It seems the designer is a shy retiring type that feels blogs are a little bit dirty and beneath them. I like to think of a blog as a sketch book. There are more than enough scribes out there and my interest lays in finding new things not reading reams of waffle.

NDG seems to have some good suggestions.

digital planners needed

Work at one of the best creative agencies in the world as a creative planner. Voted 3rd most creative agency in the world and 1st in the UK.

awards update

Guinness Hands
Merit for Art Directors Club awards in interactive mini sites.
Viral film in book for D&AD 2007.
Won Bronze at Microsoft Digital Advertising Awards in FMCG cat.

Economist intelligent banners
Won a silver at the ADDYs.

*The Microsoft Digital Advertising Solutions Creative Awards judges included:
Joakim Borgstrom (Chairman) - Wieden + Kennedy
Ben Clapp – Tribal DDB London
Benjamin Przespolewski – Duke
Flo Heiss – Dare
Georg Lauble – McCann Erikson
Johan Kruse – Daddy
Martin Kristensen – Framfab
David Pugh-Jones – Microsoft Digital Advertising Solutions
Emma Newman - Microsoft Digital Advertising Solutions
Sicco Beerda – Euro RSCG
Simon Waterfall – Poke
Daniele Busi – DDB Milan
Vincent Jansen – i-Merge
Vidar Singh - Bates

Friday, May 11, 2007

MR T in a tank dishes out advice

Mr T cuts carbon admissions and goes tank insetad of in a plane.

What's not to like about MR T the man who made the 80s all the better. You got a problem Mr T will sort it out A team style from the top of his tank. Just type in a question and he will give you some advice.

i love the response to I poo the bed.
that's some funky smell coming out of you computer screen.

grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Aint getting in no plane sucka!

royksopp remind me

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

spiderman 3

another good use of flash by big spaceship for spiderman 3. Really smooth wireframe movement on the characters.

john maeda exhibition

Hours of opening:Monday - Friday 10.00 AM - 6.00 PMSaturday 12.00 PM - 6.00 PM79 Beak Street Regent Street London W1F 9SUTel: +44 (0) 20 7439 0000 Fax: +44 (0) 20 7439 0070Email: Website:

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

programmers are the new designers

John Maeda once said at a lecture that programmers are the new creatives.
He was making the point that to create something in digital media you need to understand and or be able to use code to imagine it.

I would also extend that thought and say that code enables the aesthetic of a new digital language we need to read information. One of my first tastes online of this new language was seeing thinkmap by plumb design in NY back in 1998.

Digg labs seem to be pushing this into functional news readers, by being able to distill vast amounts of news into a graphic form. This language is only possible by the code that enables the manipulation of content. It frees the design process to be something organic in its structure. The designer doesnt need to place image and type but mearly set up some parameters for the code to follow, or not if you like.

"In its analytic and methodic inventory design follows a range of metaphors
and paradigms: of creation, of construction, of information."

Jörg Petruschat
Informations takes command?

spell with flickr


information C h3 A M E Broken L E is for le Fromentier O N

Spell with Flickr:

a lot of great interface tools using various languages including; rails, ruby, ajax and java

this one you write a word out and it builds it from images on flickr of those letters.

Lots of others

Sunday, May 06, 2007

alan fletcher

quintessential illustrator and graphic designer, a man uniquely responsible for defining British graphic design with his witty and highly individual approach from the late 1950s onwards.

karel martens

Graphic design, on the evidence of most of the book-publishing activity that records it, is a utopia populated by the genus genius.